Union Baptist Church
221 Myrtle Ave. Passaic, N.J. 07055 

"Building Lives Through Biblical Principles"


Teacher, Director, Counselor, Community Advocate and Humanitarian; Kortney L. Haigler was born August 14, 1979 in Jersey City, New Jersey to Ms. Lillie Haigler and Mr. William Jackson. At a very young age Kortney accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. He began using his gifts in the ministry at the age of nine and in November 1999, at twenty years old Kortney Haigler affirmed his call to labor for the Kingdom of God. On August 6, 2000 he was licensed to preach the Gospel and on November 19, 2006 he was ordained into the ministry.
Reverend Haigler began his college education at the Philadelphia Biblical University in Liberty Corners, New Jersey. Presently, he is enrolled in the Masters of Divinity Program at New York Theological Seminary. He has served as an active member of the Mount Olive Baptist Church in Jersey City, New Jersey where he labored as Associate Minister, Musical Administrator, Coordinator of Worship and Word Service and initiator of the Mount Olive Youth Explosion Ministry. He also served as the Youth Pastor of the Mount Calvary Baptist Church, Jersey City, New Jersey under the leadership of Pastor Barron O. Wilson.
During that season, he aided in the administration of the Sunday School Department and rendered spiritual counseling and guidance for the youth. Because of his innovative approach and love for young people, Reverend Haigler developed an after school preparatory and tutoring program to assist the youth in their academic endeavors. To reach the greater adolescence community within the church and surrounding area, the Lord instructed him to coordinate a Youth Explosion Outreach Ministry at Mount Calvary Baptist Church which operates under the use of evangelism.
In January 2010, Reverend Haigler was called into Pastoral Ministry. He accepted the call of service as Interim Pastor of the Victory Baptist Church, Camden, New Jersey. As a devoted God fearing preacher and teacher of the Gospel, Reverend Haigler served until July of 2010. He continues to share the Word of God to many, winning souls for Christ and transforming lives through biblical principles.
Reverend Kortney L. Haigler has acquired many achievements along his journey. He is a member of the Jersey City Interdenominational Minister's Alliance, the Black Baptist Ministers' Conference of Newark and Vicinity, a Counselor for Rehabilitated Inmates, and a Case Worker for Hudson County Child Abuse Center. His love for God and His people keeps him in constant pursuit of God's will. Rev. Haigler also served at the Grace Chapel Baptist Church in Paterson, NJ as an Associate Pastor. As a caring, loving and devoted father, in October of 2011 Rev. Haigler was united in Holy Matrimony to "His Rib" the former Ms. Sabrina Williams.


On April 28, 2013, Reverend Kortney L. Haigler was installed as the fourth Pastor of Union Baptist Church along with his wife and family. Since his call to Pastorate at Union, Rev. Haigler has taken in over one hundred and fifty new members, baptized at least sixty candidates, his vision was to develop a Multi-Purpose Computer Lab which has been established, he incorporated a Afterschool Program, Covenant Prayer Partner Ministry, a Ministry Development Workshop, he rebuilt the Youth Ministry, a Parenting Program, Men's Ministry, Sunday School and a Sunday School breakfast club, he also incorporated a Public Relations Ministry, developed a Youth Outreach Sunday called "Youth Explosion", recreated and launched a new Church Website and Facebook page, Church Prayer Line, a Voice/Tele-Broadcasting system, he sought the need to reconstruction the Missionary Ministry with 12 New Missionaries, he currently has in training two walking Deacon’s, four Deaconess and five new Trustees, he also incorporated a Dean of Ministries, he ordained a male Preacher and licensed Union’s 1st Woman Preacher in the history of Union Baptist Church, and he has also licensed two additional women to preach the Gospel.


Since his call into the ministry, Reverend Haigler has encountered his share of trials and tribulations. However, through it all he realizes that trials only come to make you strong; "for many are called, but few are chosen" (Matt: 22:14). Reverend Haigler credits Pastor Barron O. Wilson, Pastor John H. McReynolds, Pastor Joe A. Carter, and Pastor Gregory L. Wilson for his strong discipline, self reliance and integrity. These Pastors have mentored him through his spiritual journey as Paul mentored Timothy during his ministry, which has inspired him to "Preach with Power and not for Popularity".

KORTNEY L. HAIGLER is......The SON, The FATHER, The HUSBAND,         


Pastor, Kortney L. Haigler ~ Mother, Lillie Haigler

MATT: 22:14